Are you registered to vote?  ARE YOU SURE? Unlike many other freedoms (speech, religion, etc.), the right to vote can be lost through disuse or a change in address.  Check to make sure you are registered at https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/ . If you need to re-register, you can find the form at https://www.ncsbe.gov/Voters/Registering-to-Vote .


We are Progressives in Henderson County who are advocating for issues we believe in. We are a merger of four groups - Progressive Women of Hendersonville, Progressive Organized Women, Hendersonville Huddle, and the Silent Vigil for Immigration Reform. Our values include education, communication and fairness.

Postcard Parties

Postcard Parties will be VIRTUAL until further notice.  

Postcard Parties will PERSIST – but they may not be “in-person” at Oklawaha Brewing Company.  We will post weekly suggestion sheets on our FB page and website.  

You can download addresses for our legislators and cabinet members.


We’ll try to track the number of cards sent.  PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW MANY POSTCARDS YOU ARE WRITING. via our website contact form.


Need a small supply of our themed postcards? We'll try to work that out for you. Postage and pre-stamped plain postcards are available via USPS.com.


Informed Progressive series

On Wednesday, August 12, the Progressive Alliance of Henderson County (PAHC) Informed Progressive Series will feature Judge Mack McKeller, District Court Judge for District 29B (Henderson, Transylvania, and Polk Counties). Judge McKeller will speak on the role of the district court in our judicial district and how a district judge impacts the community.

Please click on this link to attend the meeting.

Mack McKeller’s website:                     https://www.judgemackmckeller.com/

​See complete schedule of speakers on the Calendar.


Silent Vigil For Immigration Reform

The July Silent Vigil for Immigration Reform is Friday, August 21st, in front of the Historic Courthouse.  The Vigil begins at 4 pm and ends at 4:30 pm.  We have signs for bring your own.


Immigration reform and releasing children from camps with or without their parents is a very important issue right now.  Please join us to express your support for compassionate immigration reform.


July 8, 2020

We held a virtual Informed Progressive meeting with Sailor Jones as our featured speaker. Sailor is the Campaigns Director of Democracy North Carolina. Democracy NC is a nonpartisan nonprofit that works to build political system that works for all North Carolinians. Sailor provided a very informative discussion in which he updated us on the ways COVID-19 is impacting our elections as well as election rule changes and court cases that resulted.  He went into detail about HB 1169 (the only COVID related elections legislation to advance this session). Governor Cooper signed the bill into law on June 12.


June 6, 2020

A very well attended Unite for Peace Rally was held at the Hendersonville Police parking lot and was supported by many PAHC members. It was followed by a march to the Old Courthouse. 

Reel Jam has put together a very nice video of the event. If you weren't able to attend, here's your chance to see what you missed. If you did attend you can try to find yourself in the crowd.


May 13, 2020

We conducted a virtual Informed Progressive meeting with Josh Remillard, Candidate NC 117, as our featured speaker. Josh outlined his background including two combat tours of duty to Iraq and one tour to Germany. After his military service, he enrolled in college in Washington state and, upon obtaining his degree, returned with his family to NC. When he got home, he saw many issues that troubled him including the need for better representation in District 117, and decided to run for elected office.  

Josh discussed the need for Medicaid expansion in NC, support of public education, and protection of our environment focusing on environmental sustainability. Josh works in quality control at Gaia Herbs. He is currently involved in Team Rubicon (a volunteer organization made up of mostly military veterans and first responders who help families hit by disasters), Aura Home for Homeless Female Veterans and Mountain True. Josh lives with his wife Rhiannon and two daughters in Mills River.

Progressive Alliance of Henderson County

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The Henderson County Board of Elections needs workers for early voting at all four voting locations. Training will be provided .

For a list of positions, dates and times see the attached spreadsheet.

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