The Progressive Alliance of Henderson County is a merger of Progressive Women of Hendersonville, Progressive Organized Women, Hendersonville Huddle & the Silent Vigil for Immigration Reform, blending our energy and passion, working as one to strengthen our impact.

Election Day for the 2022 statewide primary - May 17, 2022.

Early Voting begins April 28, 2022. See calendar for days/times.

Postcard Parties

We're Back!!!  Postcard party Friday, May 20th at 4:00 to 5:30,  OKLAWAHA BREWING, - 147 1st Ave E Hendersonville, NC . We are looking forward to seeing you! 

Need a small supply of our themed postcards? We'll try to work that out for you. Postage and pre-stamped plain postcards are available via USPS.com.

Download addresses for our legislators and Cabinet members


Silent Vigil For Immigration Reform

The Silent Vigil for Immigration Reform is on the third Friday of the month, in front of the Historic Courthouse.  We will next be meeting on Friday, May 20th.  The Vigil begins at 4 pm and ends at 4:30 pm.  We have signs or bring your own.


Immigration reform and releasing children from camps with or without their parents is a very important issue right now.  Please join us to express your support for compassionate immigration reform.


There are many ways to be part of Progressive Alliance of Henderson County in helping our community.  Here's one you might be interested in:

Suggestion Sheet Writers Needed on a Rotating Basis


Create and research a short list of topics for a given week to engage our members to write legislators, businesses and influencers at our in-person or virtual postcard parties.

A typical suggestion sheet 1-2 pages, covering 3-5 topics, each with a summary and specific calls to action.

We'll supply practical tips. Use your own voice and style. 


The City of Hendersonville is in urgent need for volunteers to serve on its many boards and commissions that seek citizen input for City departments and City Council members.  Such Boards typically require only an hour or two of time per month, and almost all are meeting via Zoom at this time.  

Check out the various 11 City Boards at:  https://www.hendersonvillenc.gov/boards-and-commissions. A link to apply is on this page, as well.

Various openings on County Boards also exist.  You can research these at: https://www.hendersoncountync.gov/ces/page/boards-and-committees.




Despite Covid and being a non-election year, we continue to find ways to make a difference. We thank each of you for your passion, your support of Progressive values, your insights, your engagement and your actions. 


01/13/21 Eric Perless, For the People Act Discussion
02/10/21 John Owens, A Hole in My Heart Viewing and Discussion 
03/10/21 Steve Smith, Covid in Henderson County Update
04/14/21 Jenna Wadsworth, The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana in NC    
05/12/21 Dawn Kucera, Effective Public Advocacy Communications
06/09/21 Vicki Meath, Just Economics
08/11/21 Steffi Rausch, Citizens Climate Lobby

Sponsored an Art Scape banner on 7th Ave. (carried over from 2020 campaign)
Assisted with landscaping at El Centro HQ
Supported Project Dignity and Sweet Bear Rescue
Participated in city-wide Clean Sweep roadside cleanup
Co-signed “Let’s Keep Talking with Malice Toward None – “Live the Golden Rule” project 
Provided meals/treats to health care workers (via individual FB page subscribers’ initiatives) 
Held Aug. 4 social event for PAHC friends (outdoors at Two Guys Pizza)

Celebrated Biden’s Inauguration Car Rally and a Zoom toast
Call Out Cawthorn Car Caravan Rally
Equal Rights Amendment Rally
Deadline for Democracy Rally
People Call the Shots, Medicare for All Rally
Awakening the Dreamer Symposium
Hosted Women’s Reproductive Rights Rally
Silent Vigil for Remembrance of Gun Violence Victims
Monthly Silent Vigils for Immigration Reform 

Hundreds of GOTV postcards mailed 
29 Suggestion sheets (2+ per month)
Monthly Newsletters and Calendar
Public Relations:  Website, Facebook and communication with media outlets 
Liaison activities: reaching out to elected officials and Youth and Diversity outreach efforts

Progressive Alliance of Henderson County

The UPS Store
P.O. Box 318

638 Spartanburg Highway, STE 70
Hendersonville, NC 28792