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The Progressive Alliance of Henderson County is a merger of Progressive Women of Hendersonville, Progressive Organized Women, Hendersonville Huddle & the Silent Vigil for Immigration Reform, blending our energy and passion, working as one to strengthen our impact.

Postcard Parties

Join us with passionate friends and neighbors at our monthly post card party and social hour! We're continuing our support to highlight and partner with local organizations to address issues here at home, to help create change and thank our local advocates.


Our October meeting holds an extra special place for PAHC. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, also known as Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Month. We are lucky to partner our postcard party/social hour with SAFELIGHT - our local private, non-profit organization committed to breaking the cycle of interpersonal violence. Join us on Friday, October 20th from 4:30-5:30 at Oklawaha (147 1st Ave E., Downtown Hendersonville). 

We still have volunteers creating monthly suggestion sheets and we will supply postage.


Need a small supply of our themed postcards? We'll try to work that out for you. Postage and pre-stamped plain postcards are available via

Download addresses for our legislators


Silent Vigil For Immigration Reform

The Silent Vigil for Immigration Reform is on the third Friday of the month, in front of the Historic Courthouse.  We will next be meeting on Friday, September 15th.  The Vigil begins at 4 pm and ends at 4:30 pm.  We have signs or bring your own.


Immigration reform and releasing children from camps with or without their parents is a very important issue right now.  Please join us to express your support for compassionate immigration reform.

September Postcard Party Recap


Thank you to all who attended the September 15th postcard/social hour at The Buzz! It was definitely fun to meet at a new location and the beverage choices were very exciting! We met new friends and allies, we sent notes of support and value to 39 of the HOPE Coalitions participants and 28 more to our legislators supporting recovery reforms.

Progressive Alliance of Henderson County

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638 Spartanburg Highway, STE 70
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