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Your contribution is more than a donation!

Your contribution to the Progressive Alliance of Henderson County goes right to work helping us shore-up democracy by letting elected officials at the local, state,  regional and federal  level know that we are  watching What They Say,  What They Do and How They Vote. 

Over 37,000 post cards have been mailed since the beginning of 2017 to demonstrate our dedication to  American values and morals.  Rallies in front of our local  court house help inspire our kindred spirits. Putting those who do not embrace democracy, the rule of law and the Constitution on notice.  It takes your talents and your treasure to  execute efforts like that.

Please consider writing a check to us.

Your energy drives us.  Your contribution sustains us. It makes the road of resistance possible.

Make a Gift
Make check out to:

Paul Weichselbaum, for benefit of Progressive Alliance of Henderson County

Send to:

Progressive Alliance of Henderson County

The UPS Store
P.O. Box 318

638 Spartanburg Highway, STE 70
Hendersonville, NC 28792

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