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      In The Spotlight: Liz Hill

     April's calls to action

      In The Spotlight: Angela Levine

     Continuing 2024 GOTV Campaign

      In The Spotlight: Alexla Perez-Sanchez

     2024 GOTV Campaign Begins

      In The Spotlight: Betsy Alger

     2023 PAHC Accomplishments

      In The Spotlight: Tony Robles

     Postcards for Education, Artscape Banner

      In The Spotlight: Rachelle Dugan

     "Another World is Possible" Two Part Series Training Recap

     In The Spotlight: Joan Jaeger

     De-escalation Training Recap, Postcard Party Recap

      In The Spotlight: Maria and Denny LaBarge

     Supporting The Buzz and Hope Coalition

      In The Spotlight: Peri David

     Supporting Project Dignity

      In The Spotlight: Landen Gailey 

      Summer of Persistence, June Recaps

      In The Spotlight: Gina Baxter

      Picnic for Pride, Wear Orange with Moms Demand Action

      In The Spotlight: Bob Miles & Diane Swift

      May-Make Your Voices Heard!


      In The Spotlight: Paulette McGee

      PAHC's Artscape Banner, Postcards Go Green!

      In The Spotlight: Andy Myers

      2045 Comp Plan, PAHC meets with Chuck Edwards, February's Show Some Love

      In The Spotlight: Leslie & Jay Carey

      Justice for January 6th

      In The Spotlight: Kim Guice

      PAHC 2022 In Review- Accomplishments & Events

      In the Spotlight: Kris Kruse
      Highlights from our annual PAHC General Meeting

      In the Spotlight: Loretta Zedella

      Know your protest rights!

       In the Spotlight: Nancy Thomas ​

       Push for Leandro Insight from a 2020 Poll Worker

       In the Spotlight: Fred Nace

       Cut Our Carbon Footprint, Local School Supply Drive

       In the Spotlight: Deb Rich

       GOTV, School Supply Drive & Young Dems Summerfest

       In the Spotlight: Anne Baxtor

       Support Ukraine, Wear Orange for Gun Control Event

       In the Spotlight: Bruce MacDonald

       The history of the Silent Vigil with Catherine Lynch

       In the Spotlight: April Sanborn

       Part I: A history of the Silent Vigil

       In the Spotlight: Sheila Healy

       Redistricting is finalized, plus welcoming migrant workers

       In the Spotlight: Helen Ann (Nann) Bell

       Look What We Did! A review of 2021 Events

        In the Spotlight: Ann Twiggs

        In the Spotlight: Abby Robertson

        Remembrance Ceremony for Gun Violence Victims on December 14th


      In the Spotlight: Sara Smith

       Recapping the Women's Reproductive Rally's Success

      In the Spotlight: Good Trouble: Padma Dyvine

       In-person Postcard Parties Return

      In the Spotlight: Building Bridges: Jayne White Jennings


      Informed Progressive: Steffi Rausch with the Citizens Climate Lobby

       In the Spotlight: Local Activist and Game Changer Crystal Cauley

  • June 2021 Newsletter
    Informed Progressive: “Effective Public Advocacy Communications”
    The North Carolina Association of Educators We Heart Public Schools tour


  • May 2021 Newsletter
    Informed Progressive: Dawn Kucera, In the Spotlight: Meg & Todd Hoke


  • April 2021 Newsletter
    Welcome Migrant Farm Workers, Informed Progressive: Jenna Wadsworth

      In The Spotlight: Gayle Kemp

  • March 2021 Newsletter
    Informed Progressive: “A Hole in My Heart”, Volunteers needed for City/County Boards and Commissions, In The Spotlight: Norm Bossert

  • February 2021 Newsletter
    In The Spotlight: Virginia Tegel, Informed Progressive: Eric Perless, Call Out Cawthorn Car Caravan​


  • January 2021 Newsletter
    Celebrate The Inauguration, Informed Progressive: Will Sagar, In The Spotlight: Joe Dinan


  • December 2020 Newsletter
    Informed Progressive: Where do we go from here? Some good election news,

      In The Spotlight: Susan Coppin

      Postcard Sheet for October 30, 2020

  • October Newsletter
    Save our Democracy Rally, Informed Progressive: Sailor Jones, In The Spotlight: Amy Ross

  • September Newsletter
    Informed Progressive: Judge Mack McKeller, In The Spotlight: Michele Skeele,
      Volunteer work at El Centro​​
  • August 2020 Newsletter
    Political Debating 2020, Are You Ready for 2020 Voting?, In The Spotlight: Bettie Orr,

      Informed Progressive: Sailor Jones

       In The Spotlight: Vikki Shantz

  • June 2020 Newsletter
    Informed Progressive: Josh Remillard, Virtual Postcard Party. In The Spotlight: Princess Ferguson


  • May 2020 Newsletter
    Informed Progressive Goes Virtual, In The Spotlight: Barbara Nussdorfer-Eblen​


  • April 2020 Newsletter
    Love Hendo T-shirts, Informed Progressive: Sam Edney, In The Spotlight: Laura Miklowitz, Postcard Recap

  • March 2020 Newsletter
    Informed Progressive: Moe Davis, ArtScape Banner Project, In The Spotlight: Sissy Owen​​


  • February 2020 Newsletter
    Postcard Party recap, Meeting with Chuck Edwards, In The Spotlight: Lee Stevens, Defining a Progressive, Power To Heal


  • January 2020 Newsletter
    3rd Year Postcard Party Anniversary Celebration, Informed Progressive: Kelly Hollinger, In The Spotlight: Paul Weichselbaum, Impeachment and 287(g) rallies, Get Out The Vote


  • December 2019 Newsletter
    Informed Progressive: Steve Woodsmall, Meeting with Chuck McGrady, writing Letters to The Editor, In The Spotlight: Sheila Clendenning, Citizen Advisory Committees


  • November 2019 Newsletter
    Postcard Party recap, Social at Inconceivable, In The Spotlight: Mack Fowler, Social Media Added, Project Draw Down


  • October 2019 Newsletter
    After Postcards Dinner, Informed Progressive: Patsy Keever, In The Spotlight: Chris Berg, Rally/Protest Guidelines, Volunteer Positions


  • September 2019 Newsletter
    Informed Progressive: Lyndsey Simpson, Postcards with El Centro & North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, In The Spotlight: Chris Walters, Citizen Advisory Committees


  • August 2019 Newsletter
    Lights for Liberty, Fair Redistricting Demonstration, In The Spotlight: Catherine Lynch, The Legalities of Picketing, ACLU: Know Your Rights


  • July 2019 Newsletter
    In The Spotlight:Lucy Butler, T-shirt launch, Lights for Liberty

  • June 2019 Newsletter
    Wear Orange, Volunteer, In The Spotlight: Audrey Stelloh, Hendersonville Pride

  • May 2019 Newsletter
    After Postcards Meet & Munch, In The Spotlight -  Julia Luellen, Website Went Live, Medicaid Expansion

  • April 2019 Newsletter​
    Citizen Committees, In The Spotlight - Neil & Nancy Brown, Project Dignity, Unbreaking America: A NEW Short Film about Solving the Corruption Crisis, Garden Tours


  • March 2019 Newsletter​
    Equal Rights Amendment, In The Spotlight - Randy Molton, FAQs about 287g, Single Payer Healthcare Advocacy, Thank you - Marcy Rosen Jackson

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