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The Progressive Alliance of Henderson County wants to provide a short cut to all the information you need and expect about grassroots activities regarding the Resistance in Henderson County and surrounding counties.

We know your life is demanding and your time is precious. No need to slog thru FB comments to find out what is happening and where to show up to get your voice heard. 

We know you want to be educated and informed so we will give you notice of speakers who are promoting a cause we support or who are promoting themselves for office.

We promise to deliver concise emails, easily digestible and in a timely manner.

Think of our newsletter as a well curated update of everything you should know about local activities because we invite other organizations to send us their list of events to publicize as well.  If you know of an organization who wants an additional outlet, let us know.

We hope we are not missing something, so tell us what you might like in a newsletter.


November 2019 Newsletter


Postcard Party recap

Social at Inconceivable

In The Spotlight: Mack Fowler

Social Media Added

Project Draw Down

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October 2019 Newsletter

After Postcards Dinner

Informed Progressive: Patsy Keever

In The Spotlight: Chris Berg

Rally/Protest Guidelines

Volunteer Positions

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September 2019 Newsletter


Informed Progressive: Lyndsey Simpson

Postcards with El Centro & North Carolinians      Against Gun Violence

In The Spotlight: Chris Walters

Citizen Advisory Committees

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For older newsletters, see the Newsletter Archives.

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