Postcard Party
Postcard Parties


Until further notice we will be doing our postcard writing virtually.   Each semi-monthly's Postcard Sheet will be available on the Postcard Page.

Informed Progressive


On Wednesday, May 12, our virtual Informed Progressive meeting featured Dawn Kucera, who presented on Effective Public Advocacy Communications. 

Dawn stated that, “We all have opinions about a lot of issues and topics, but sometimes we aren’t confident about how to express them”.  In her talk, she provided techniques for productive public communication. She highlighted letters to the editor, post cards and rally signs.  Dawn stated that the purpose of writing and speaking in public is to educate, to advocate, to persuade and to make people think.  She indicated that the bottom line is to get results and provide a call to action.  She explained that to be effective, one must have a point of view, know the subject very well (by reading and studying) and practice. Dawn cautioned that one should know and follow submission rules and guidelines (letters to the editor and other media), stick to issues and refrain from attacking individuals or groups. Dawn described at length how to write a letter to the editor. She provided tips on making post cards and rally signs more readable such as use of white space, use of different color lettering and utilizing large and limited lettering on signs.

Dawn generously volunteered to give this presentation to other groups. If interested, please contact Lucy at lucybutlerslp@gmail.com to obtain contact information for Dawn.

Please click on this link to view the presentation:


Informed Progressive series

The Informed Progressive series is taking place online. See the calendar for upcoming events.


Join us as we learn. Presentations on a variety of topics will take place via Zoom normally on the second Wednesday of the month at 2:00 – 3:30. Everyone is invited!!!

See current schedule of speakers on our Calendar.

Silent Vigil For Immigration Reform

The Silent Vigil for Immigration Reform is on the third Friday of the month, in front of the Historic Courthouse.  The Vigil begins at 4 pm and ends at 4:30 pm.  We have signs for bring your own.


Immigration reform and releasing children from camps with or without their parents is a very important issue right now.  Please join us to express your support for compassionate immigration reform.

Silent Vigil For Immigration Reform