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Fletcher Town Council

Preston Blakely

  • What are your views about land conservation and growth in this area?

    The population of Fletcher has increased year-by-year. Growth appears to be inevitable, but we must be responsible with the land as the population continues to rise. Conserving is essential because not only is conserving land great for the environment, it makes Fletcher an aesthetically pleasing Town. Therefore, Fletcher must implement smart growth strategies by enacting policies that preserve the landscape and protect the air, water, and other natural resources.

  • The agricultural and support sectors of Henderson County rely heavily on immigrant and seasonal workers, do you believe that your role would include consideration of this issue? Why? How?

    All elected officials in Henderson County must take consideration of immigrant and seasonal workers. Immigrants from all over the world are a vital piece of not only Fletcher but Henderson County and North Carolina entirely. We must create an inclusive environment where members of the immigrant community feel safe so that they may continue to be a part of and contribute to the greater community.

  • What are your three top priorities, if elected?

    My top three priorities are (1) advocating for a new Fletcher Library, (2) increasing community engagement, (3) and maintaining the hometown quality of Fletcher. The Fletcher library is now insufficient for serving not only Fletcher but Henderson County entirely. Fletcher Library is the second most used library in the County and is lacks space for books, programs, and technology use. I would like the community to be involved in the decision-making process as much as possible via different venues. Every citizen of Fletcher is a stakeholder in the decision’s councilmembers make. Therefore, we need to reach out to citizens better through various venues such as social media, face-to-face, amongst the abundance of other means of interacting with the public. Finally, I would like to maintain the hometown quality of Fletcher. Essentially, ensuring that infrastructure and growth are parallel and climate-conscious.

  • Is housing in your town/city adequate for all economic groups? How will you ensure enough affordable housing?

    Housing in Fletcher is not adequate for all economic groups as Fletcher lacks any affordable housing. We need to ensure that housing is affordable for all income levels that exist in Fletcher. We need housing affordable for all income levels to attract the best and brightest to Fletcher. Therefore, we need to work with organizations that can bring affordable housing to Fletcher and negotiate with developers to ensure housing is affordable.

  • What is the role of the town/city in the climate crisis? If any steps or actions are necessary, what are they?

    Everyone has a role in the climate crisis, including Fletcher. I am a young man and climate change WILL affect me in my lifetime. If elected, I will be conscious of the climate in every single decision I make. I do not have a choice but to be climate-conscious because every single person has a stake in the climate crisis.

  • Please add any comments you wish, to a maximum of 250 words.

    I will make the best decisions for Fletcher as my work, educational, and life experiences will help guide me in decisions for Fletcher. Additionally, I would like the community to assist in guiding my decisions. I envision Fletcher being an inclusive, economically prosperous, climate-conscious community.

(The Progressive Alliance of Henderson County's individual members have their own opinions and positions on many varied, important issues. We respect and appreciate fact-based opinions and encourage open-minded critical analysis. As an entity, we endorse no specific political candidates.)

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